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Creative Endeavours


As a child Kathi Kuti dreamed of creating her own little people. Now she is doing just that. She claims it’s almost a mystical experience. The faces appear in the clay and demand their own persona. Although Kathi has specific ideas she wishes to explore she can only accomplish them if the doll is willing. 

Kathi’s doll making experiences first started when she learned to sew and embroider at the age of eight. By the time she was twelve she was designing her own cloth dolls and as a teenager she was selling them. Later, Kathi attended various art colleges to study art and illustration. Once she returned to doll making, her art training prompted her to view dolls differently. 

In 1990, Kathi sculpted her first polymer clay doll like a traditional porcelain doll. By 1995, Kathi was sculpting in the miniature 1/12th scale she now uses. From that date her dolls have gone through quite a metamorphosis, developing into a style easily recognizable as Kathi’s unique view. 

“We are the sum total of all our experiences. The more we can experience, the greater the sources of inspiration. A person’s style comes from all aspects of their lives and reflects their attitudes and choices“


Kathi collects all manner of things. Shampoo bottle caps and saltshaker tops become hats, jewelry findings accent the vintage brocades and specialty ribbons she uses. Everything she sees is viewed as a possibility.


Kathi says she has found a size that portrays a delicate alter-world that co-exists in our fantasies. From sprites to entertainers they all emerge for our pleasure. Kathi’s goal is to create little people that connect with viewer’s hearts and transports them away from today’s stressful world, even for a moment.

Kathi loves making her little people and sharing stories about each character. Look into the dolls’ eyes and be invited to share in the creative process of continuing to build their stories.

Enjoy Kathi’s characters and let their spirits transport you to their world.